I like to shop. 

The main problem with that statement is that shopping costs money.  

What does not cost money is scouring the internet to find an assortment of items that I think are interesting, and all cost under $20.  

I have been a bargain shopper for as long as I can remember - mainly out of necessity - but as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention - so I am happy to introduce the newest feature on this blog: The '20 under $20' list.  

Every Monday I will post a new list (check out '20 under $20' link at the top of the page) with my latest picks.  

Because we just wrapped up a pretty intense Labor Day sale cycle at most of the major retailers, this assortment was truly a mix.  

From prints for your home, to my favorite hand soap, to some running fun socks from Forever 21 (I am not a runner, but I thought the socks would motivate me), and even a $10 swimsuit from LOFT in preparation for next summer, these items are a little bit of everything.  

So everyone wins in this scenario.  I get my shopping fix without spending a dime, and hopefully you will enjoy some unique finds and deals.

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